What to Expect

Behind the Scenes with Dr. Jillian Cole ND


Let’s walk through a typical appointment process so you understand what to expect:

  • Your initial visit is where we walk through your entire health history and discuss testing options. Tests will be performed/provided on your first visit.

    • Please note: if you are not prepared to do testing at this visit, Dr. Cole might not be the right fit for your treatment needs.

  • Your second visit will involve lab interpretation. We will go through all of your testing results and provide treatment recommendations and a customized meal plan at this time.

  • Follow-up visits will be done by phone consult. If Dr. Cole needs to see you in person, she will tell you ahead of time. Please expect to have between 3-5 follow up visits.


Dr. Cole provides customized treatment approaches for skin conditions such as adult acne, eczema, psoriasis and aging skin.

Here’s what you need to be prepared for in order to book an appointment with Dr. Cole:

  • Dr. Cole does a lot of functional medicine testing. While some of this testing can be covered under your private health insurance, not all companies will cover these tests.

  • Functional medicine testing that Dr. Cole commonly uses:

  • Please expect to have tests like these done when you come to your visit. These are the most common tests, not the only tests that might pertain to your case.


If you’re primarily looking for in-office treatments, let’s get started on them! You may not necessarily need an initial visit if you’re looking for cosmetic treatments such as the FreezPen or microneedling treatments, unless it would be in your best interest to do this first.

For example, if you have adult acne and are wanting micro needling, Dr. Cole may suggest that you heal the acne first by going through the program listed above before performing micro needling treatments.


If you’re looking for in-office treatments alone, treatment will range between $100-$650 per visit and will depend on the treatment being offered and what is being worked on. Please book a complimentary phone consult with Dr. Cole to discuss your concern.

A portion of these costs can be covered by your private insurance provider.